Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Torta Gelada de Bis (KitKat Frozen Pie)

BIS.... humm...

Hey guys,
For this recipe I'm translating BIS to KitKat. BIS is this candy from Lacta (I think Kraft foods) they we have in Brazil. It is basically like KitKat.... but a lot better. I am not sure why, it's probably the chocolate they use.
When I made mine, I only had one box of BIS, so I bought a pack of KitKat to make the bottom crust.

This is one of the best recipes I've ever had!

Torta Gelada de Bis (KitKat Frozen Pie)

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Bottom Crust:
1 box of BIS chocolate (or 140g of KitKat)
½ T of margarine
1 ½ cans of milk (use the condensed milk can to measure)
2 T corn starch
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 egg yolk
1 T butter

200g of semisweet chocolate
1 can of Heavy Cream (Creme de leite, about 300g)
2 beaten egg whites
3 T sugar

Bottom Crust:
In a food processor, break a full BIS box and the butter until you get a paste.
With that, cover the bottom of a cheesecake pan of about 22cm (8½ inches) diameter.

In a pan, dissolve the corn starch in the milk, add condensed milk, egg yolk and butter
Heat and stir until it thickens (it's hard to know how thick it has to get, but it's thick)
Let it cool and pour on top of the bottom crust.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Add the heavy cream and mix well. Set aside.
Beat egg whites. Add sugar and mix more.
Mix the egg and chocolate together

On top of the white cream, break some BIS and pour the mousse on top. I like to decorate with some more bis on top of that.
Take it to the freezer for about 2 hours.
It looks long, but it was actually very easy to make! This is the kind of recipe that as long as you don't burn anything, you cannot mess up.
This is in my TOP10 best desserts list, it is really good. Very rich, but tastes awesome.
Instead of using a cheesecake pan, I used a regular casserole kind of dish. But with the cheesecake pan you can take out of the pan and it looks very nice with all the layers.


  1. This is really one of the best deserts that we have... ^^
    But take care about the yellow cream, it can become blistered (I think this is the word.... ^^), but if it happens don't worry... you just have to beat the cream in a blender and it will be right again... ^^

    Good recipe Gabe... and Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the tip Kenya!
    I haven't heard about this recipe until I saw on the front page of that website. I never saw it in Brazil. But it's definitely one of the best.